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With the immune system busy fighting cancer, our defences to other infections are lowered. Cancercair provides the best technologies for destroying airborne viruses, keeping you safe when it matters most.

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We are installed in thousands of medical facilities and we are passionate about growing our footprint within the global infection prevention community.

Oman Cancer Association

Oman Cancer Association has become the world’s first WeShareCleanAir cancer association. We salute them for taking infection prevention and control to a whole new level.

Providing Clean Air to

the Global Cancer Community

During cancer treatment, patients may be advised to limit interaction with others to avoid cross infection. The company of loved ones can be a huge comfort that we don’t believe anyone should be without.

During cancer treatment, the immune system is working overtime, and even that is sometimes not enough. Patients need all their resources to fight. The last thing they want is another virus and another fight.

The number of airborne pathogens increase exponentially during and after friends and family visits. Viruses can stay suspended in the air for hours before settling on surfaces or being inhaled.

Currently, nothing is being done to protect cancer patients against airborne viruses in real time. Cancercair aims to provide the best clean air technologies and help low immune systems focus only on the important fights.

Clean Air Certification

We have spoken to many people with compromised immune systems and one of their biggest concerns is visiting healthcare and medical facilities. Being a We Share Clean Air facility not only reduces healthcare associated infections but also gives people peace of mind.

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For every 10 units sold we donate one to cancer associations or individuals who would benefit from our Viruskiller technology but have financial constraints. We will donate the units in order of priority and we will keep a good line of communication with all applicants.

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Cancer Associations

We work with cancer associations from around the world in order to provide as many people as possible with our Viruskiller air solutions. Our member associations are able to offer discount codes to their member database, maximising access to our technologies.

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Protect yourself with Viruskiller technology

99.9999% kill rate on all known respiratory viruses in every air exchange

PRotecting weakened immune systems against

Airborne Viruses

When you fight cancer or other non-communicable diseases, the immune system is working overtime. And even that is sometimes not enough. The last thing you want then, is another virus and another fight. Cancercair™ aims to provide the best solutions to fight airborne viruses for cancer patients.

Friends were my main support system; however, they were vulnerable too from colds, viruses etc., that my immune system had little or no defence from.  I had numerous appointments at the hospital, where I couldn’t easily shield myself from others; some of whom were facing similar issues from depleted immune systems, as well as staff and visitors sneezing and coughing.
Finding Radic8 was a sheer fluke. A virus killer and clear air device that was portable was just what I felt would help me manage my immediate environment and keep me safe around the people I love and from whom I needed support. This gave me the confidence that I could be well and get stronger more quickly after my treatment for cancer.

Leslie – cancer patient

Any patient diagnosed and undergoing cancer treatment has low immunity and is susceptible to infection caused by bacteria, viruses or fungi. As doctors, we recommend avoiding crowded places and people in general, but patients also need full support from their family and friends, which implies a great deal of human interaction.

The VIRUSKILLER ™ technology can help them by neutralising airborne viruses and bacteria from the air, before they are inhaled.

Dr. Rajyashree N. Kutty – Oman Cancer Association

After 19 months living in intensive care we have seen first-hand all too often how quickly viruses spread through hospitals despite all their best measures. Arlo has contracted 5x as many viruses in the hospital as opposed to being at home where we have VIRUSKILLER™ technology installed.

The units have fitted into our life seamlessly. So much so that they are genuinely not even noticed anymore. We run the units continuously since installation and thus far after 4 months use we are delighted to say Arlo has had his most healthy winter ever, with only one return trip to intensive care for a precautionary measure.

Arlo’s dad

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A personal, fully portable air steriliser based on the VIRUSKILLER™ technology. Take it anywhere with you!

VK Blue

A powerful air steriliser based on the VIRUSKILLER™ technology. Recommended for spaces up to 60sqm. Can be wall mounted and wrapped.

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