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Richard Greenwood, CEO of Radic8 and Dr. Wahid Al Kharusi, president of OCA shaking hands during the opening ceremony

Oman Cancer Association (OCA) has become the world’s first We Share Clean Air cancer association. It is an absolute privilege for Radic8 to work with OCA and install 30 units into their residential facility that houses children being treated for cancer and their families. Contracting respiratory viruses whilst undergoing cancer treatment can seriously hinder progress and even be life threatening. In most cases cancer patients are told to limit social interaction, but how is that possible, especially with young children?
The Radic8 technology has a kill rate of 99.9999% on all known respiratory viruses and when multiple units are specified and installed in a facility, the Radic8 technology is able to destroy airborne pathogens very quickly, keeping people inside the facility safe. Radic8 applauds the forward thinking nature and wonderful duty of care shown by the Oman Cancer Association and hopes that this can be a shining example. After studying the clean air products available on the market, the Leukemia association of South Korea only recommends the VK Blue unit for home care. Cancer is such a major problem around the world and Radic8 are extremely motivated to work with the fight against cancer by leading the fight against airborne viruses.