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VK Blue


Powerful air steriliser

  • Kills viruses in a single air pass
  • Efficient at neutralising toxic gas, VOC’s, viruses & bacteria, mould & fungi
  • 98.5% effective on NO2
  • Reactor chamber with 8 super UVC lamps with 40 TiO2 hexagon filters
  • Recommended for rooms up to 60sqm
  • Can be wall hung
  • Remote controller

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VK Blue is based on the patented VIRUSKILLER™ technology that is able to neutralise viruses in a single air pass. This unit is suitable for rooms up to 60sqm.

VK Blue is a home-professional hybrid product. It is being used in thousands of hospital rooms, nurseries, elder care facilities and anywhere air quality is a matter of life and death. Given the affordable price, it is also widely used at home by people with compromised or weakened immune systems or people who just want the best air cleaning tech money can buy.

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